W466 55ml Masking Fluid

NEW! Masking Fluid

W466 – 55ml

Holbein Masking Fluid allows artists to mask highlight areas of their work and can also be used on painted surfaces. If masking fluid is too thick, thin with water and apply to paper surface with a brush or pen. Wait for mask to completely dry before applying paint. Once the paint is dry, remove Holbein Masking Fluid with a soft eraser or rubber pick up. Available in 55ml jars.

W470 60ml Sizing Liquid

Sizing Liquid

W470 – 60ml

Artist grade sizing liquid used to reduce the absorbency of paper. Dilute it with warm water and apply it with a broad brush. Available in 60ml squeeze bottle.

W471 60ml Gum Arabic Medium

Gum Arabic Medium

W471 – 60ml

An Artist grade medium which will, when mixed with watercolors, enhance gloss and transparency. Mixing with opaque colors, like gouache and posters colors, will also increase their transparency. Available in 60ml squeeze bottle.

W472 60ml Watercolor Medium

Watercolor Medium

W472 – 60ml

When mixed with watercolors, Holbein Watercolor Medium facilitates fine line and stroke development by improving flow. Available in 60ml squeeze bottle.

W474 60ml Iridescent Medium

Iridescent Medium

W474 – 60ml

This artist-grade medium is designed to facilitate iridescent (pearlescent) effects when used with water based media including watercolor, acrylic, gouache and acrylic gouache. Available in 60ml Squeeze bottle.

W475 60ml Ox Gall

Ox Gall

W475 – 60ml

Holbein Ox Gall Medium is an artist-grade wetting agent that improves flow and enhances wet-into-wet techniques when mixed with watercolors. It also improves the acceptance of watercolor on paper, particularly hard-sized papers. Available in 60ml squeeze bottle.

W463 15ml Gum Arabic Paste

Gum Arabic Paste

W463 – 15ml

Holbein Gum Arabic Paste results in an impasto effect when mixed with watercolors. Available in a 15ml tube.