Paper Palette

Poly-coated disposable paper for color mixing.  Thumb hole in sizes S, M, L.  Gray Palette Paper improves visual chroma of colors being mixed.

33 Series Portrait Group
33 Series Landscape Group
33 Series Square Group

33 Series

Spiral bound, 28 sheets per pad offer superlative all purpose 80lb NpH pulp paper that accepts watercolor, ink, pastel, pencil and chalk equally well.

Heavy cardboard cover flips to give double support. Tie ribbons protect against loss and damage.

Spiral Bound Group
Block Group
Board Group

Whit Ibis Spiral & Block Bound, Boards

Holbein’s White Ibis watercolor paper is artist’s quality 140lb cold press and acid free. Pad includes 12 sheets of paper.

60 Series Drawing

Multi-Media Sketch book.  Spiral bound, 80lb NpH. 

Covers: Blue, Green and Yellow.


Croquis is the french word for sketching. Excellent Surface for quick sketching and drawing. 100% NpH pulp paper.

(Croquis) Yuko Higuchi

Yuko Higuchi “Cats on Parade” Sketch book. Excellent surface for quick sketching and drawing. 100% pulp paper, NpH.

Kent Pad

Worlds most popular pad for architectural, illustration and design.

NpH, 100% pulp. Green one ply, Burgundy two ply.

ST-A4, B4
BS-A4, B4

Maxon Paper

Holbein Maxon paper shets, 100% pulp, NpH, BS=Basic and 

ST=Standard (thicker). Includes blue, non-reproduction rulers.


Holbein paper, 100% pulp, NpH. White paper.

Includes perforations on each sheet.


Holbein paper, NpH, 50% rag, 5o% pulp, 100lb. Light buff paper.

Albireo Spiral Pad Group
Albireo Block Group


Holbein paper, NpH, 100% pulp 100lb, white paper.


Holbein paper, NpH, 100% pulp, 100lb. Light buff paper.

Spiral Bound Group
Pad Group
Block Bound Group

Holbein Strathmore

Cold press, NpH, 100% cotton, 140lb. White paper.