150 Colored Pencils

  • Medium-hard core
  • 3.8mm Core diameter
  • 1/3″ – 7.8mm Barrel diameter
  • 7″ – 176mm Pencil length

Smooth and easy to draw, blend and overpaint with,  Holbein Artist Colored Pencils are produced to meet the high demands of exceptional performance and handling characteristics by artists worldwide.  Ideal for drawing,
illustration, sketch and design, Holbein Artists Colored Pencils feature a soft, 3.8mm thick lead.   The line offers a great variety of colors to choose from manufactured using reliable pigments with high lightfast ratings.  Holbein Colored Pencils work well on any kind of paper with exceptional covering and blending capabilities.  Holbein  Colored Pencils are an incomparable example of the great pride Holbein takes in producing the finest color in the world since 1900.


Colored Pencil Blender

Conveniently blend, blur, soften and mix HOCP with MELTZ, a water based blending thinner.

Blending, gradations or brush stroke like effects can be achieved by using MELTZ on an area already covered with HOCP. While some colors are more difficult to mix or blend, color mixing is best done when HOCP has been applied in a cross-hatch or layered pattern.