O 500 Spirit of Petroleum

Spirit of Petroleum

  • O500 – 55ml
  • O400 – 200ml
  • O700 – 500ml

A petroleum-derived distillate used as a commonly used in thinning or mixing of paints and varnishes.

O 501 Spirit of Turpentine

Spirit of Turpentine

  • O501 – 55ml
  • O401 – 200ml
  • O301 – 500ml

An oil distilled from gum turpentine or pine wood, used in thinning or mixing of paints and varnishes.

O 502 Linseed Oil

Linseed Oil

  • O502 – 55ml
  • O401 – 200ml
  • O701 – 500ml

Extracted from the flax plant, used for thinning oil color and provides a natural luster to the artwork. As a vegetable based oil, it leaves a slight film when dry, which sometimes causes a yellowing problem over time.

O 513 Poppy Oil

Poppy Oil

  • O513 – 55ml
  • O413 – 200ml
  • O313 – 500ml

Extracted from poppy seeds, used for thinning oil color, and provides a natural luster to the artwork. Poppy Oil leaves no residue behind and will not cause yellowing.

O 504 Lesolvent


  • O504 – 55ml
  • O404 – 200ml
  • O304 – 500ml

Lesolvent is an ideal mixture of Spirit of Turpentine, Poppy Oil, Siccatif and resin. Properly mixed for read-to-use purposes, thus saving time and labor necessary for mixing various oils. The use of this medium will speed the drying time, and add vivid luster and smoothness to your painting application.

O 505 Painting Oil

Painting Oil

  • O505 – 55ml
  • O405 – 200ml
  • O305 – 500ml

The ingredients in Painting Oil are the same as Lesolvent except Linseed Oil is substituted for Poppy Oil.

O 514 Painting Varnish

Painting Varnish

  • O514
  • O414 – 200ml
  • O314 – 500ml

A type of luster oil. When applied with Poppy or Linseed Oil, this varnish gives extreme brilliance to the picture. This varnish yields faster drying time and higher gloss. An ideal varnish for the painter.

O 510 Picture Varnish

Picture Varnish

  • O510 – 55ml
  • O410 – 200ml
  • O310 – 500ml

For application to the painting about six months after completion. Brush this oil very thinly and lightly on the work after it has completely dried and you can reproduce a natural luster on the picture. This oil serves to protect the surface.

O 523 Retouch Varnish

Retouch Varnish

  • O523 – 55ml
  • O423 – 200ml
  • O323 – 500ml

A type of glossing oil. Used to retouch the picture after completion and to produce the same gloss as in the original. It’s not as thick as Picture Varnish but produces an excellent gloss.

O 517 Sun Thickened Poppy Oil

Sun Thickened Poppy Oil

  • O517 – 55ml

A glossing oil made from condensed poppy oil. Try to mix oil colors with this oil alone, without the use of other mediums, the result will be a painting of such high gloss as to appear similar to enamels. The use of this oil is an individual choice and many artist enjoy its features in application.

O 518 Sun Thickened Linseed Oil

Sun Thickened Linseed Oil

  • O518 – 55ml

Still made by the orthodox method of exposure to the sun for prolonged periods. Its increased viscosity improves drying, leveling, and protective characteristics. Used for oil mediums, varnishes, and glazes, it may be diluted with turpentine or spirits of petroleum.

O 519 White Mat Varnish

White Mat Varnish

  • O519 – 55ml

Used for matting a picture already painted. This allows you to view the painting from many different angles much like a watercolor painting since they don’t reflect light. Many paintings can be enhanced by matting back to a dull service.

O 521 Japan Gold Size

Japan Gold Size

  • O521 – 55ml

Made from copal resin dissolved in turpentine and vegetable processed oils. Japan Gold Size may be used for tempera painting or as an oil painting medium, but is primarily used for gilding (gold leafing). Dilute with turpentine and apply it to a non-absorptive surface, the medium must dry to an almost dry stage of tackiness before applying the leaf which should be pressed on with a clean piece of cotton. Do not rub. Drying may be retarded by mixing with oil color.

O 522 Stand Linseed Oil

Stand Linseed Oil

  • O522 – 55ml

A heavy, viscous oil for blending with oil color to produce surface transparency and brightness and a smoothness which enhances the leveling of the brush stroke. With a greatly reduced tendency to yellow with age, its mixed viscosity may be softened with turpentine or spirits of petroleum.

O 522 Stand Linseed Oil

Spike Lavender Oil

  • O527 – 55ml

Distilled from a variety of the lavender plant family, this fragrant oil has properties similar to turpentine but has greater tendency to oxidize or gum and does not evaporate as readily.

O 522 Stand Linseed Oil

Venetian Turpentine

  • O528 – 55ml

A heavy, thick liquid made from European Pine Trees used in oil mediums. It offers transparency and glossy surface. Due to yellowing with time, it should be used or thinned with dry oils (stand oil) or volatile oils (turpentine).