What is a Holbein Brand Ambassador?

North American Holbein Brand Ambassadors are artists who currently live and work in the United States or Canada. Well versed in Holbein products and their uses, these artist have exemplified great use and passion for Holbein paints and accessories, are capable of educating the artist community on the benefits and uses of Holbein products and have made a public impact with their artwork and social messages.

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Philip Boelter

California, USA

Philip is an artist and designer not tied down to one set of materials, software, or subject. He sets out to make things that wouldn’t only be beautiful to him, but something that would be beautiful to everyone. Nature, flora, and landscapes are what capture his eye the most, so he is always looking at his surroundings to influence his art. He not only creates, but loves to inspire as well.

From an early age, he had always been closely drawn to flora and has created floral pieces and landscapes ever since. Whether created from gouache, pastels, oils, watercolor, or ink, flora can be created with so many different types of materials to express different emotions. Like many artists influenced by the location they grew up, in Santa Clara, Southern California there were always prickly pears, cereus, and other types of desert plants in neighborhoods and the beautiful surrounding mountains. 

Boelter Design Co, was created in 2015 and has grown to include graphic design work, lettering, illustration, painting and explorations of new mediums. Falling in love with watercoloring and most recently gouache Philip strives to add new pieces often which keeps him looking for new and exciting ways of creating art.

Jennifer Caviola

Connecticut, USA

Jennifer received her BFA in Painting from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York in 2002 and her MFA from Parsons in New York City in 2007. She has had solo shows in New York City, Brooklyn, and California and has participated in group shows throughout the United States, Europe and the Middle East. She has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Cultured Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Complex Magazine, Papermag, Juxtapoz and High Fructose.

Béatrice Charette

Quebec, Canada

Béatrice has been practicing art since elementary school. Now she is an art teacher, an independent artist and muralist. We could qualify Beatrice as an epicurean for art. She is always curious to learn and practice more techniques. Concordia University in Montreal, Canada has been the perfect opportunity to feed her curiosity as she discovered new techniques of printing such as lithography and intaglio. Béatrice also learned more about new media art such as video and sound art, as well as satisfying her passion for photography by having the chance to learn the art of the dark room. Basing her art practice on her art history knowledge and popular culture, Beatrice tries to portray many issues from the 20th century such as hypersexualisation, eating disorders and also more personal “problems” such as her own anxiety. Through the media of art, she decides to denounce those issues and puts the viewers on the hot seat so that they have no other choice other than to confront what is in front of them. By sharing her stories and others’ testimony, Béatrice creates a link between her art and the viewers and hopes to make them understand some concepts from a personal point of view. 

Ric Dentinger

New Mexico, USA

Ric has been painting and illustrating professionally for over 30 years while successfully balancing a career as an art director and managing his own graphic design shop.

Born in La Rochelle, France, Dentinger was raised in a military family that lived in several locations in Europe and the United States, finally settling in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

He has taught many workshops throughout the United States and online group classes.  From 2009 to 2020, Ric was also on the faculty of the Southwest School of Art in San Antonio, TX. 

Dentinger paints in a representational style, choosing subject matter from his environment and travels.  He favors evocative subjects, such as dilapidated buildings, intriguing portraits, moody landscapes and animals with strong personalities.  

Whether working in watercolor or oils, he strives for a confident and strong work of art. He intensifies colors and value contrasts in order to create work that is fresh, beautiful and full of light.

Morghan Gill

California, USA

Morghan graduated from the Laguna College of Art and Design gaining a BFA in their Traditional Animation program. Since then, she has been a working professionally on everything from tv shows and video games to feature animated films. Her focus is character design and visual development. While she works digitally most days at the office, her personal preference is to work traditionally in acrylic gouache, watercolors, and acrylic paints.

Erick Grove

Texas, USA

Erick is an artist working primarily in acrylic and oil, but often dabbles in mixed media. His paintings at times employ airbrush and colored pencil techniques. His passion is for comic-style artwork, but more specifically paintings in that genre. Erick learned painting and comic art through his friend and mentor, David Finch.

Sariah Ha

California, USA

A year before Sariah received her BFA in 2007 at the University of California, she was fortunate to be represented at the “Bill Low Gallery” in Santa Monica, California. She was their youngest artist. Her career rapidly grew. She was represented in the TARFEST Festival of the Arts in Los Angeles, California and was chosen as the first artist in Residency at Joshua Tree, California. She was honored to have exhibited at the “Red Arrow Gallery” in Joshua Tree, California as their youngest artist. She was publicized in Korea Times, Los Angeles and had an exclusive article about her as the “Night Painter” in the Hi Desert Star Newspaper. In 2007 – 2010, Sariah was creating artwork throughout her residencies in Wisconsin and Nebraska.

For the past 10 years she kept creating, using multiple mediums throughout her paintings. She loves to express each artwork differently, because she loves to explore each medium from its form, color, fluidity, and all its performances. Her artwork consists of multiple layers and textures. 

Becoming a mother, she has realized how much  her children brightened her artwork. Her approach to each medium has changed, her technique became more intricate and her process became a teaching. Through social media Sariah started growing her audience by explaining, comparing, and teaching the process of her work.  Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States.

Lexi Hannah

New York, USA

Lexi is a professional artist born and raised in the Capital District of New York State.  A lifelong painter, she graduated with a B.A. in Art History/Studio Art from SUNY Geneseo in 2014, where she began her professional journey as a commission painter and muralist that has taken her to several sites around New York and the USA, as well as Italy and Ecuador. Her work spans a myriad of subjects from beloved pets, to delicious food, to the most recognizable people and places.  Working primarily with acrylic and watercolor in the earlier parts of her career, she pioneered a technique of drip painting over illustrative wax, which earned her features by Instagram,Insider, and Vanity Fair.  Currently creating out of her studio in Albany, she has adopted and proliferated the use of a variety of materials and techniques including airbrush, oil paint, ink, and gouache. Her current ventures now include Live Event Painting and tattooing. She also hosts a variety of workshops and plein air jamborees, oftentimes collaborating with other artists.  An avid workshop and convention attendee, she recognizes that there is always more to learn, and she loves every minute of it!

Scott Hattox

California, USA

  Scott is a self trained artist who has spent a lifetime obsessed with comics, anime and science fiction – the dominating subjects in his portfolio. He spent most of his early career creating paintings for friends and producing requests for commissions by word of mouth. 

  In 2014, Scott began showing his material in small galleries and underground art shows, and by 2015 began exhibiting paintings at San Diego Comic Con International. His penchant for capturing the spirit of Star Wars, Anime, Marvel and other “nerdy” enterprises made convention settings a perfect fit. 

  An enthusiastic artist eager to converse about anything from brush stroke technique to the infamous “Han shot first” debate Scott has shown and painted live in conventions around the country that specialize in science fiction, horror, video gaming, and comic books. Scott is best known for his large scale paintings of iconic characters – a veritable rarity today, as most artists on similar subject matter have fallen away from classical techniques and produce digitally.  He paints in multiple mediums, primarily gouache on watercolor paper and acrylic on canvas.   Scott primarily works out of Hollywood and Rancho Mirage California.

Carling Jackson

British Columbia, Canada

Carling is a humanitarian and professional, award-winning athlete portrait artist who immortalizes moments in sport on canvas. Carling is the most commissioned artist by athletes in the world. She has created over 190 paintings for athletes across 18 leagues and 22 countries. Carling is also a human rights artist working within the philosophy of “art for social change” to address global injustices. She has worked with World Vision, Sing For Hope, Save the Children, the UN and War Child. 

Carling  is the first sports artist in history to paint at a World Cup semi-final and final (For FIFA – Qatar 2022).  In addition to recent works for NBA and World Cup soccer athletes, she was commissioned to paint a 20ft sports gallery, “Amplifying underrepresented athletes in sports” for the Wynn Hotel in Vegas in 2021.

Shana Rowe Jackson

Maine, USA

Living in rural Maine, Shana’s work is inspired by her natural surroundings. Shana works most often in realism, but she also enjoys doing some illustration and surrealistic work from time to time. Shana aims to capture a feeling of nostalgia with her work, choosing landscapes, wildlife and still life as subjects and using light and color to conjure a sense of a specific time, place or memory.

Shana earned her bachelor’s in art with a concentration in painting from the University of Maine at Augusta where she was awarded the Charles E. Gordon Art Award for her helpfulness in the classroom. One of Shana’s favorite activities is exploring new media and sharing her knowledge with other artists through her YouTube Channel. She has extensive experience with both wet and dry media such as acrylics, watercolors, colored pencils, and pastels. Shana’s work has been a part of multiple exhibitions, publications, and community projects throughout the years, and she is always looking for new ways to make a positive impact on others through art. 

Lee Kohse

Lee was born to a family of chupacabra herders in California and as a child learned to draw in the dirt while mining dust for spaghetti western films. Serving in the Marine Corps, he started doing art in his off time for underground comics and indie rock magazines. After being injured during his service, he decided he preferred drawing over getting shot at. Lee works as a freelance artist providing art for clients including Lucasfilm, DreamWorks, Fox, Hasbro, and various comic publishers, served as Creative Director of Speed Racer, and is a Cultural Arts Commissioner for the City of Chula Vista, Ca. You can find Lee creating art, giving tips about the art industry, and hanging out with friends, several times a week on his live art stream.

  • www.kohse.com
  • twitch @kohseart
  • Facebook @leekohseart
  • Instagram @leekohse
  • twitter @kindergoth

Jesse Lane

Texas, USA

Jesse has been called a pioneer, known as one of the world’s finest colored-pencil artists transcending drawing into painting.  “I’m always looking for the easily missed moments of everyday life.  I work to design and capture an instant of emotion,” Jesse says.  “Every image I create has a story.  My stories share moments of intimacy, private moments.  If you feel the story, I’m satisfied” taking between 300 to 1,000 hours to create each unique piece.

Jesse discovered colored pencils while struggling in school with the challenges of dyslexia.  “Growing up, I often felt alone,” Jesse says. “I desperately wanted to find a place in life where I didn’t feel inferior. For years, I bottled up my feelings.  Then I realized they could be a source of inspiration.  I began creating images of personal struggle and intimate emotion.”

Jesse’s honors include the world’s top award for colored pencil, the CIPPY Award, from the Colored Pencil Society of America.  He also received the “Pioneer of Realism” Award from the International Guild of Realism, as well as honors from the Salmagundi Club, the ARC Salon and many others. 

Jesse is represented by RJD Gallery in Romeo, Michigan. His work is included in prominent private collections. He’s exhibited in galleries and museums across the US and in England.

He lives in The Woodlands, Texas, with his artist-wife Kinsey, and their two whippets.

Leslie Lienau

Santa Fe, NM

Leslie studied academic drawing and painting under Ted Seth Jacobs at his school Ecole Albert DeFois in Central France. Other influential instructors include Andrew Ameral, founder of The Golden Gate Atelier, Anthony Ryder of The Ryder School in Santa Fe and Jacob Collins, founder of The Grand Central Academy in NYC. Leslie has received numerous awards for her pastel drawings and her work is in both private and public collections. She exhibited in a solo exhibit at the Governor’s Gallery at the Oklahoma Capitol, Oklahoma City, OK and was invited twice to show at the American Art in Miniature Show at the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, OK. Leslie has been teaching drawing and painting for over 25 years. She is the founder of The Oklahoma Academy of Classical Art, a private studio school in Edmond, OK where she taught drawing and painting in the classical tradition to both children and adults.
Currently, Leslie resides in Pecos, New Mexico where she teaches classes and workshops. 

Rachael McCampbell

Rachael, having grown up on a farm in East Tennessee, has always been inspired by wildlife and the lessons nature teaches us. After years of urban living in New York, Florence, Italy, London and Los Angeles, she is back in the countryside of Franklin, Tennessee, where she can observe and explore firsthand the landscapes that inform her work.

Being a process-oriented artist, she lets the painting inform her as opposed to the other way around. She has an idea of what she wants to paint, but that rarely manifests as she envisioned. Those happy accidents and twists and turns become an integral aspect of her journey as a painter.

She also leads art groups to beautiful locales in America and foreign lands for Inspirational Journeys called Artistic Adventures Abroad”.  Her intention is to provide unique environments for guests to explore their creative talents and make new relationships to last a lifetime.

Jamie-Lou Nicol

Ontario, Canada

Jamie-Lou discovered her passion for art at a young age, picking up her first calligraphy pen and learning about stained glass at a neighbor’s studio in Ontario, Canada.  The years learning about the art of glass and exhibitions laid the foundations for further studies, graduating in Art Fundamentals and Advanced Glass Blowing at Sheridan College.

Jamie-Lou’s early career began in Toronto assisting glass sculptor Gregor Herman,  immersing herself in the local art scene and exhibiting in numerous galleries and shows.

After working as a color consultant for several years, she accepted a position with HK Holbein Inc. Canada in 2015 enabling her to infuse her love of art into her professional career.  Whether traveling across North America presenting at tradeshows or teaching at workshops and demonstrations, Jamie-Lou loves to showcase the endless possibilities of working and mixing various mediums.  Inspired by the diversity of acrylics and mediums, mixed media and sculpture, her artwork has been described as colorful, whimsical, textural and enigmatic.  

It is calligraphy however that has captured Jamie-Lou’s heart.  She enjoys creating all forms of calligraphic art from commissions to wedding stationery and recently featured one of her pieces by invitation at the 2019 international exhibition, “32 points – 32 voices: A compass of Peace” in Toronto, Canada, a collaboration with Sri Lankan poet Menaca Calyaneratne, using her poems to create a calligraphic 22” x 13’ scroll.

When she isn’t making words dance beautifully on a page, Jamie-Lou can be found daydreaming about traveling and puttering about on her homestead in rural Eastern Ontario, Canada surrounded by her beloved dachshund, cats and tortoises.

Joe Oakes

California, USA

Joe was born in Chicago, Illinois. Having grown up in the city’s surrounding suburbs, his love of mountains and other natural scenes grew mostly from his own imagination. Throughout his life, Joe has always been fascinated by the natural world and how to represent it through drawing and painting. This interest was cultivated throughout his school years and further developed when he received his bachelor’s degree in fine art. Joe then went right to work as a graphic designer and soon after painting small landscapes. He prefers studio painting as it allows for him to focus on pieces that are vibrant and colorful but also calming, allowing the viewer to place themselves within the scene.

Each painting is an emotional response to color… real or imagined but always felt. He chooses to express those feelings through the use of bold, vibrant highlights and shadows of violet hues. His work is about the joy that color can bring into our lives and aims to promote an awareness of nature, especially its infinite use of color.

Joe is also an art instructor, teaching painting classes and workshops in a variety of media. He enjoys sharing  his enthusiasm for art with others and helps students to be successful in their own artistic endeavors. His work has been displayed in both group and solo exhibitions regionally and nationally. Additionally, he has received numerous awards for his work. He lives and works in Southern California where he is surrounded by the beautiful mountains and natural beauty he loves to paint.

Maria Raczynska

California, USA

Maria is a professional watercolor artist and online instructor. Her career as a watercolor artist began in 2016 when she created her YouTube channel. At first it was just a hobby posting occasional watercolor tutorials but once the audience grew she decided to get serious about becoming an instructor now with over 6500 students worldwide.

While Maria never had intentions to become an artist like her mother (oil artist), after her YouTube channel took off she’s been using her mother’s advice and quotes in many of her teachings: “It’s not a painting that’s brilliant it’s just a moment when you were brilliant and you can always recreate it”; “There’s no true white in nature”.

Maria has been a featured artist in  “Watercolor Magazine”, “ArtAscent”, “Voyage LA Magazine”.  

Based in Los Angeles she draws her inspiration from the ocean and nearby mountain trails.

Max Romey

Alaska, USA

Max is an Alaskan artist who found his voice in watercolors. His work as a running videographer takes him all over the globe, but his true passion is found on Alaskan trails and in the communities they bring together.

As a dyslexic, visual storytelling has always been a huge part of Max’s life. Whether it was watercolors as a kid, photography, or film, he has always been intrigued by how visual content can connect broad audiences without a single written word. This drive ignited his passion for film-making, which he has been pursuing over the past 9 years. 

Max is passionate about telling the stories of communities and the issues that impact them, including topics such as climate change and environmental activism, mental health and wellness, and the importance of including youth in the conversation. 

Janice Sung

Janice is an illustrator/designer based in Toronto, Canada. She graduated from Sheridan College for animation in 2016 and now works as an independent artist, creating pieces that inspire her and her viewers. Her interest in human anatomy and nature documentaries has inspired her to paint ethereal young women, often accompanied by animals and foliage. She specializes in both traditional and digital mediums and likes to continually experiment with different styles and methods as she grows as an artist. She finds most of her inspiration from the renaissance era, scenic cinematography and her everyday surroundings. She’s had the privilege of collaborating with companies like Apple, Netflix, National Geographic, Armani Exchange, and more.

Andrea Walker

Ohio, USA

Andrea creates realistic paintings and drawings, and she specializes in portraits and still lifes. Her work focuses on a beautiful arrangement of shapes and light, portraying the beauty in the world through people and objects. Andrea was born and raised in Tennessee, then moved to Georgia to study Illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts while also studying with acclaimed portrait painter Amy Lind. She now works as a professional fine artist and instructor in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Andrea’s artistic approach incorporates attention to detail, strong design, and a realistic rendering of light and texture through many layers. She is known for both her black & white and color artwork. A calm and peaceful quality is seen throughout her work, commonly including elements from nature. She enjoys working with different media including soft pastel, watercolor, charcoal, graphite, acrylic, and oil painting. Her creative approaches have won her many awards, inclusion in juried exhibitions internationally, and features in curated publications. Andrea is represented by 3 Square Art Gallery in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Hannah Webb

California, USA

Known better as The Obanoth, Hannah’s work focuses on technique in application and dynamic color stories, usually with a focus on organic subjects such as animals or body parts.   

Her paintings are layers of independent shapes, stacked to imply light, texture, and form.   With a balance of both careful color shifts and loud punches of contrasting hues, the end result is harmonious and vibrates with life.  Acrylic paint is her preferred medium, and she chooses to create work on wooden surfaces, as the smoothness best lends itself to the clean and precise marks that evolve into her visual geometry.  Hannah’s paintings are designed to exist carefully between mechanical and fluid, representational and abstracted, and ultimately tell an old story in a new voice. 

The subjects she chooses to paint provide her with an opportunity to find unique ways to present things that are more or less familiar.  She likes exploring visual concepts of wetness, softness, and hardness without being too caught up in realism– using somewhat relatable subject matter.  Though originally from Ohio, Hannah currently lives and creates in Highland Park, CA. 

Mia Whittemore

Massachussetts, USA

Mia is a Massachusetts-based artist and surface designer. She received a BFA in Art Education from Boston University and continued to learn a great deal about fostering the creative process, especially in her time spent as an elementary school art teacher.

To maintain her own art practice, Mia began painting after days spent teaching.  The support she soon received for her work led to a number of collaborations with a variety of companies.  She now spends her days working to fulfill her artistic mission to bring color and joy to everyday life through her paintings. 

Mia’s work is greatly influenced by her love of nature and vintage design. She enjoys exploring color and pattern through the subject matter of animals, botanicals, and florals. Mia works mainly in Acrylic Gouache as it allows her to build layers of vibrant color and achieve fine detail in her paintings.