Full nib assortment

*In order from top left to bottom right (USD Dime for size reference):

  • N357C-3
  • T600C-3
  • 555-3
  • T44-3
  • N659-2
  • T99-2
  • NG-3
  • T3-3
  • N5-3
  • T5-3


Tachikawa Nibs & Nikko Nibs: Today there are two manufacturers of pen nibs in Japan, Tachikawa and Zebra. (The well-known Nikko pen nib line is made exclusively by Tachikawa). Both

manufacturers produce similar pen nibs, but it is in the hardness of the pen nib where they differ greatly. Tachikawa nibs tend to be harder and Zebra nibs are softer, for when your hands feel tired.

Tachikawa developed the Nikko nib line to offer the best of both worlds, not too hard and not too soft, the perfect balance. Tachikawa and Nikko pen nibs enjoy legendary status as being the finest pen nibs ever produced. HK Holbein is pleased to be your source for the best-selling nibs from both the

Tachikawa and Nikko pen nib line.

Made Exclusively of Tool Steel: The Tachikawa and Nikko pen nibs are made exclusively of tool steel and are produced under carefully controlled conditions in order to achieve their

exceptional quality. Tool steel refers to a variety of carbon and alloy steels that are particularly well suited to be made into tools. Their suitability comes from their distinctive hardness and their resistance to abrasion and other deformation.

Divided Into 5 Different Types: Pen nibs for all types of illustration and artist applications are divided into five different types. They differ in drawing line width and shading ability. The Maru pen nib is the thinnest line nib and the G pen nib is the widest line nib. School nibs produce wider lines than

Maru, and the Saji nibs produce lines slightly thinner than G nibs. Kanji nibs are balanced in between and School and Saji nibs.

* All Tachikawa and Nikko pen nibs are sold in packages of 3 each, Maru nibs T99-2 and N659-2 are sold in packages of 2 each.



  • T-25 – Well balanced, universal holder for all Tachikawa and Nikko nibs.
  • T-40 – Light weight universal holder for Tachikawa and Nikko nibs.
  • N-20 – Nikko holder for all Nikko and Tachikawa nibs except the Maru mapping nibs.
  • N-17 – Nikko holder for mapping Maru nibs.